My latest poem * Mu kõige uuem luuletus

Here is my latest poem, for a change; this I wrote originally in estonian (version below), while I was in Estonia, this summer. This is for all of you, remember: you are beautiful, you are valuable, you are loved! Here’s a translation of it:   I don’t crystallize in the place you want to force me to be planted – I… Read more →

One late night… * En sen kväll

This is also a poem from my “Chaos theory”… (again translated, with the swedish version below): During the flight in my thoughts one late night I warmed my frozen hands in yours, my love. It was then, when a heavy raindrop fell on my lip. I swept it away with the finger and the touch evoked a longing in me… Read more →

Poetry of the pulse * Pulsens poesi

One small poem (translated; the swedish version is below), from my first collection “Chaos theory”: I hear your heart whisper when I touch your hand It is the pulse’s poetry, the dream it keeps alive. One little, silent flame of life that sometimes just can not the hard strokes to whitstand. But the dream, it is true and alive. (Sirle… Read more →

On the airplane * På flygplanet

A little poem I wrote on an airplane one day (swedish version is below): Longing can be born of little little words of momentary pictures as a fantasy grown river and it flows flows in my blood to the heart which becomes softer for every new friendly warm shy little word From you, my new brother … You are a… Read more →

On the train * På tåget

A little poem I wrote on the train one day in april (this is a translation; the swedish version is below): Yes, it’s these small rhythmical movements of the foot and it’s a face which is open and it’s calm an sees almost through you but in a friendly way So that you become curious – Because the eyes on… Read more →

Soft lips

Soft lips softly together Touching the souls of each other They find themselves out of time Every second feeling as on hour At the very beginning of Love The softness of touch has the power To unlock every beautiful gift One heart has to give to the other. (Sirle Körvits) Read more →

My lake

MY LAKE I have a love affair with a lake I call it mine – Yes, the water at the place between a forest, rocks and under the heavenly space. My lake is always there for me listening to my cry, capturing tears Kindly creating wonderful pearls for me to see, to comfort and be the girl in the wind… Read more →

Do you see

DO YOU SEE Do you see? The poor, the lonely and The ones in pain of melancholy. Do you hear? The small, the forgotten and The ones endlessly crying alone. They seem invisible Their voice is silent The pain is unbearable They suffer on their own. Where are you? They ask themselves On the verge of death No one comes,… Read more →

Crazy poet

CRAZY POET Well, today I am – A crazy poet! Trampling in, taking a seat First I read, then write. A few confused poems Noisy thoughts – abundantly Between a wall – behind me Some light is shining brightly. It doesn’t make me wiser Still, I am in my uproar Wallowing like crazy – Trying to fight my thoughts. (Sirle… Read more →